Innovation - why is it important?

The most fundamental aspect of development is understanding the connection between innovation, creativity, and societal growth. Here, we present different perspectives and methods that influence the global request for innovative skills.

World Goal: Quality education

One of the priorities of the UN's World Goals is "Quality education". We want to make sure that pedagogy is a part of this goal.

21st Century Skills

The 21st Century Skills-approach developed by P21, gives you a perspective on the role of innovative abilities and how these play into the overall growth and development on a global scale. 

Creativity in the classroom

Apart from the home, the classroom is the most important place where innovative minds are cultivated. Some would argue THE most important. 

The Creative Platform

The Creative Platform is a scientifically based approach developed at the University of Aalborg, Denmark. It guides the teacher through different practical approaches and educational gains. 

Preparation star

It can help teachers have an eye on the creative potential of their teaching by using "the Preparation Star". 

Pedagogical tools

One thing is theory - another is the practicality! It is equally important to equip teachers with the practical methods for facilitating the creative processes. Here we present some of the pedagogical methods that we recommend for creative processes in the classroom.

Creative projects and processes

We believe that it should be a pedagogical method in all schools to facilitate creative processes and projects as a part of the learning. Here, we present a variety of the methods to use in the classroom.

LEGO's 6 bricks method

This method is applicable to not only a playful setting outside the classroom, but also for educational purposes directed by a teacher. We will shoe the benefits and walk you though some of the many ways it can be used in class.