An organization with a vision

The organization

TEACHinnovation is an abbreviation for:

Teachers' Education Agency for Creativity and unHindered Innovation.

We are a non-governmental organization, founded in Denmark. Our main focus is enhancing creative understanding and innovative pedagogy on the African continent. Our official articles of association (in Danish) can be read here.

Our financial sustainability is completely subject to fundraising and donations. We honor even the smallest of gifts. The monthly amount that members pay are individual, and will automatically earn them an invitation for our annual general assembly.

The organization is controlled by a board, and run by manger and educational consultant Natashia Adongo Hansen.

The story

The initiative for the organization was taken by educational anthropologist Natashia Adongo Hansen (

The idea formed in 2007. Natashia had been working for an ngo in Eastern Africa, and she had observed various schools and the teaching methods that were used. She found that the teachers gereally used a widely different range of pedagogical methods that she was used to, and asked the teachers about their philosophy.

To her surprise, most of them asked for advice on how to strengthen their students' ability to innovate and develop. Upon further envestigation, she discovered that creativity in the classroom was not necessarily facilitated, and that the teachers did not understand the full extent of using creativity as a tool for knowledge and development.

Going back to Scandinavia, she pledged her live to informing and teaching schoolteachers in Africa on how to use and support innovative mindsets and creativity in their schools. In order to do so, she took the education as an educational anthropologist, specializing in African school systems, creativity in pedagogy and methods for innovoation.

Now, the organization is doing just that, and has received a long list of praise from both teachers and educational boards in Europe and Africa.

Natashia Adongo Hansen

Manager and Educational Consultant

Natashia holds a Master's degree in Educational Anthropology from Aarhus University, Denmark. Her degree includes studies on minority studies, ethnic studies, conflict studies, and mass technologies. She specializes in creative processes, creative cognition, pedagogy of innovation and the connection between creativity and development. 

She is a board member and current manager and educational culsultant for TEACHinnovation, which she co-founded.

She also manages the online business Minimal Footprint (Danish: Minimalt Aftryk), which advocates environmental awareness as well as reviewing environmentally friendly products and science.