Development is the fruit of

innovative thinking

How younger generations are taught to think, directs the path of the nation.

The vision

National growth comes from a collective mindset of innovation. This form of creative thinking is a learned skill that has to be both encuraged and cultivated in order to florish. The pedagogical tools to ensure an innovative culture and mindset are the key for a nation to prosper in a sustainable way.

Student-centered teaching

We provide an in-depth tool box for all teachers who want to explore the methods of student-centered teaching, and the way this type of teaching connects to an innovative mindset.

Creativity and innovation

An integral part of our courses is the link between creativity and innovation, and the practical methods that the teacher can use to further both in the students.

Applied ideas and innovation

The core of innovation is not what facts you know, but how you apply your knowledge and ideas. We further teachers' ability to educate their students on how to apply knowledge in innovative ways.

Teachers For The Future


Our programme Teachers For The Future (TFTF) offers courses on pedagocical tools and teaching methods for teachers of both primary school, junior highschool and senior highschool.

Quality courses 

All courses are of Scandinavian standart, and follow a univeristy approved curriculum. You can choose between courses of different length and content.

In your local area

The courses will take place in the teachers' local area or prefered institution. We come to you!

Science based

All courses are based on educational science. They are culturally sensitive and will be modified to corrospond to your curriculum, traditions, and political guidelines.

Diploma after succesful course

The courses will end with a small test, and all participants will recieve a diploma.

TEACHinnovation supports the UN World Goal for Sustainable Development: